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I will help to fix your Gut & Immunity to eliminate symptoms of Eczema & other autoimmune / mental health conditions

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Extensive experience “over 600 hours of coaching clients and 1500 hours of training and coaching education including GAPS nutrition & Functional Medicine training “

What is Eczema?

Eczema (also known as atopic dermatitis) is a chronic, inflammatory skin disease. While it’s common in children, even adults can struggle with it. Eczema is usually long-lasting and tends to flare up periodically. If you struggle with eczema.

Symptoms of Eczema include:

Itchiness / Swelling/Dryness/Redness/Stings/Burns/Skin may thicken and feel scaly/ leathery over time/Small rough bumps

When your body starts showing signs of eczema, it’s telling you that your body is inflamed. The good news is that you can get rid of your eczema naturally. To do so, you need to investigate what is causing your inflammation. Knowing what is triggering your eczema is key to ridding it for the long haul. Here are 4 reasons why healing eczema internally is key.

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A few years ago, a stressful event caused me autoimmune thyroid condition, insulin resistance, hair loss and that’s when I discovered a Functional medicine provider who treated me as a whole person and addressed the root cause of my health concerns.

​This sparked a full blown passion for Functional Medicine that led me to open Heal Minds Functional Medicine and Health Coaching Clinic. Since then I have helped many patients in restoring their health including my own child with Autism, digestive issues.


IFM Certified Functional Medicine professional, GAPS Nutrition Practitioner, Holistic Wellness Coach and Nutrition therapist

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-You get to share a space with your coach, come into contact with their energy and enthusiasm.
-You’re able to engage with your health coach directly and ask questions as you think of them.
-You’ll be able to regularly get away from the stresses of home or work for a while.

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