Autism is a condition of neuroinflammation, changes to cerebellar anatomy, differences in neurotransmitters, mitochondrial dysfunction.

The estimated rate of occurrence of autism is now 1 out of 150 children. Whether it is ADD, ADHD, miscellaneous developmental delays, autism, etc., it is also estimated that 1 out of 6 children has one of these conditions. It’s not only genetic factors but also environment and lifestyles that are causing an epidemic of neurological conditions especially autism.

Many of these children have underlying health issues that affect their brain function which can be treated and bring as close as possible to normality. These Underlying health issues not only impact their brain function but also make them prone to digestive problems, skin disorder, chronic constipation, tooth decay, seizures etc if not treated on time.

Underlying Causes in Neurological Conditions and Areas to focus

Gut Health Restoration

Step-1 : Gut Health Restoration

ASD children commonly have overgrown bacteria/ yeast/ parasites. They also have leaky gut issues, food allergies/ sensitivities, immune reaction to not just gluten, casein but to more foods. So focus on treating gut through dietary changes / supplements, removing pathogens, reducing inflammation and healing leaky gut.

Step-2 : Detoxification Program 

Due to a weak detox system in ASD children, they have less ability to excrete toxins, chemicals, additives, heavy metals, pollution etc. Oxidative stress which damages healthy tissues of the body including the brain. Mitochondrial impairment is a common issue in ASD children, and free radical damage has to be minimized to promote any recovery. Specialized detoxification supplements will help to improve alongside a nutrition diet plan and detoxification protocol.

Step-3 : Nutritional supplements

ASD children require vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, antioxidants, phytonutrients to deal with oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction and endotoxins created by overgrown bacteria / yeast. This way we can repair in order to restore proper brain function.

Many parents call it ‘Traumatic event’ the moment when the diagnosis of ‘Autism’ is announced and followed by the statement ‘There is nothing that can be done’.

Hundreds of children including my own child have become almost indistinguishable from typically developing (normal) peers. The sooner the treatment starts, the better the results because the younger the child is, the less damage has to be undone and also because they have less catching up to do in their development with normal children of their age.

Aditi has been trained directly from Dr Natasha Cambell Mcbride to provide Nutritional and Detoxification protocol for the neurological conditions like epilepsy, learning disabilities, neuromuscular disorders, autism, ADD, brain tumors, and cerebral palsy etc.

She is also certified IFM Functional Medicine practitioner to find root cause issues / imbalances through advanced functional lab testing and create personalized treatment to treat those conditions naturally without using amphetamine-like stimulants, anti-psychosis drugs etc. Treatment program focuses on dietary plans, nutritional supplementation and detoxification strategies.

Results with Functional medicine

Overall improvement in behavior issues, fewer tantrums, more listening and understanding.

Calmer and less anxious

Better communication with family members and at school and better socialization, more socializing and normal play.

Improved vocabulary and sentence structure and improved cognitive function; improved higher order reasoning.

Improvements in immune function, resulting in much healthier children who are more resistant to colds, runny noses, coughs, ear infections and who get viral infections quicker than the rest of the family.

Improvements in digestive / constipation with a more normal stool frequency and consistency in many of the children that are prone to constipation; reduction or elimination of loose stools or diarrhea; improved reception to potty training; reduction or elimination of lower abdominal pain and discomfort.

Improved appetite and a wider variety of foods tried and consumed. Less sugar cravings.

Improved sleeping patterns

How to get started?

Intake history forms, questionnaires, food diary filled up before assessment

90 mins Comprehensive assessment

Order First step Functional Lab tests, dietary changes, supplements

Start 6 months Functional medicine package

6 month Functional Medicine Package include:


12 (1hour) one on one coaching sessions


6 months email / message support from Monday to Friday 9 to 5pm.


Customized resources, guides, worksheets, questionnaires to find root cause and support health and wellness


Functional lab tests result interpretations.


Nutrition Food plans, recipes, menu planner, shopping guides.


Interpretation of advanced functional lab testing .


Advanced Supplements, botanicals anti-inflammatory, herbal medicines program including dosage and high quality brand.


Detoxification program included


Eating issues strategies, children sleep guide, etc


Written report, coaching summary, action steps after each coaching session.

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