I’m aditi

IFM Certified Functional medicine professional, Certified GAPS Nutrition Practitioner and Holistic Health and Wellness coach

Functional Medicine and Wellness Coaching

I will help to fix your Gut & Immunity to eliminate symptoms of arthritis, thyroid, eczema, Depression & Anxiety, Autism / ADHD & other autoimmune / mental health conditions

Comprehensive Consultation

We start with a comprehensive consultation and patient intake form to understand your problems

Personalised Program

We combine Functional Medicine and Health Coaching to provide a tailor made program for you


Our current medical system is great for emergencies and short term problems. But when it comes to chronic and long term illnesses, the approach is to suppress the symptoms, rather than understanding the root cause of the problem.

​That’s where Functional Medicine is different. Through extensive consultations, lifestyle questionnaire, advanced functional testing, we aim to identify the root cause of the problem. Instead of applying a bandaid on the symptoms, we aim to treat the underlying cause.


Adult and Child Care

Anxiety & Depression

With advanced diagnostics, key knowledge of supplements for ‘brain food’, lifestyle changes, and calming techniques, we can deliver help way beyond prescription drugs

Autoimmune Conditions

We look for the root causes of autoimmune conditions including Thyroid, Arthritis and Diabetes 1. We focus the triggers and correct underlying imbalances is Autoimmune Conditions.

Gut Health Optimization

Your health begins in your gut. Our goal is to uncover the cause of digestive issues and use therapeutic diet, nutrition and functional medicine to ensure you have a healthy gut.

Autism/ADHD & Dyslexia

Research suggests that Autism & ADHD and lare linked to brain inflammation. Using an anti-inflammatory diet, detoxification and supplements can improve cognitive functions

Hormonal Imbalances

Hormone optimization can rejuvenate your physical health. Our therapies can address stubborn weight gain, issues with aging, mood swings, memory problems and more.

Functional Nutrition

Most of us suffer from functional malnutrition – lacking in one or more of key vitamins and minerals. Find the right nutrition protocol and supplements for you.

Health & Life Coaching

Transform your life through health and life coaching. From stress management, work life balance, meditation and healthy diet, we give you tools to take control of your life

Medical Weight Loss

Weight loss is more than just calories in and out. Hormones, genetics, sleep, stress and gut issues could all result in weight gain. Lose your stubborn weight and keep it off for good.

About us

Meet Aditi

​A few years ago, a stressful event caused me autoimmune thyroid condition, insulin resistance, hair loss and that’s when I discovered a Functional medicine provider who treated me as a whole person and addressed the root cause of my health concerns.

​This sparked a full blown passion for Functional Medicine that led me to open Heal Minds Functional Medicine and Health Coaching Clinic. Since then I have helped many patients in restoring their health including my own child with Autism, digestive issues.

Holistic Wellness


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More than a quick checkup and Prescription

During our first appointment with us, you’ll meet the Heal Minds team for 90 minuets – that 5x the time for a typical doctor visit

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A collection of quick, easy and nutritiousrecipes

In person coaching session at Consultation rooms

-You get to share a space with your coach, come into contact with their energy and enthusiasm.
-You’re able to engage with your health coach directly and ask questions as you think of them.
-You’ll be able to regularly get away from the stresses of home or work for a while.

person coaching sessions