Health & Wellness Coaching

Have you been 

Waking up exhausted, regardless of how much sleep you got the night before?

Drinking coffee and energy drinks, only to feel more attentive and less fatigue?

Gaining weight over the last few years, and even trying all kinds of diet plans, exercise programs, it stays the same?

Feeling bloated and tired after meals, even after eating healthy foods?


Finding it difficult to deal with the stressors of life, get irritated easily even if it’s a small matter? 

Feel anxious, panic attack often?

Notice your memory is getting bad and feel like you’re getting old?

If you say ‘yes’ to more than 3 then you are at the right place!


Aditi can help you boost your energy, heal your gut symptoms and balance your overall life while helping you shed extra weight!


Heal your body, heal your mind 

Are you struggling with these health issues?

Weight Gain

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Low Libido

IBS/Digestion Issues

Autoimmune Disease




Skin Conditions

Hormone Imbalance

Chronic Pain

Sleep Issues

Brain Fog

Memory Issues

Chronic Headaches

Low Energy

Blood Sugar Issues


Results you will get:


Renewed Energy


Restorative Sleep


Achieving and Maintaining Your Ideal Body Weight


Improved Digestion


Hormone Balance


Optimal Immune Function


Clear Radiant Skin


Mental Sharpness


Enhanced Libido


Reduced Inflammation


Reversing Chronic Conditions


Strong Mind & Body


Confidence in Yourself

6 Months Functional Medicine & Wellness Coaching Program 

8 Simple lifestyle solutions for the woman suffering from chronic stress & Health issues!

Step 1: Mindset Mastery

Together we will dive deeper and get to the root cause of stress so that you can overcome the feeling of being paralysed to the point where you can hardly think of doing anything else.

You’ll learn

  1. What’s holding you back so you can remove obstacles and move forward.
  2. How to be aware of your thoughts so you can live more in the present moment.
  1. Why talking to family or friends about your anxiety hasn’t helped or reassured you and what could you do instead.
  1. How to control and manage your feelings so that you will stay focused and productive.

Bonuses: you will receive

  1. The Self- Awareness Blueprint : How to be aware of your thoughts and live more in the present moment.
  1. Morning and evening Journal Guide: How to develop a routine and have more control of your thoughts so that you live in the present moment and be more focused.

Step 2: Prioritize Your Self - Care

Do you feel anxious about the number of things you have to go through the nextday and it keeps you up at night?

If you rush around all day and serve other’s needs then you will get burnt out.Together we will work on eliminating /minimizing tasks and create self-care plans to boost your energy, focus and be fully present for your loved ones without feeling guilty and selfish.

You’ll learn

1. My 3 proven simple steps to declutter your life and experience less stress.

2 How to say ‘NO’ with confidence and set boundaries with others so you keep guilt behind and stay stress-free.

  1. How to unplug from technology and set boundaries with it so you can have more joyful and valuable time with loved ones.
  1. How to priortise your self care when you think you have no time.
  2. My sleep guide on how to get better sleep within 1 week so you will besleeping like a baby.
  1. 20 simple low cost self-care activities so can do anywhere at anytime which boosts your energy levels.

Bonuses: You’ll receive

    1. How to say ‘NO’ with Confidence Blueprint : So that you are more in balance and feel less stressed.

    1. Social media Detox Program Guide to better control and manage your time.
    1. Top 20 Self-care activities Cheatsheet that will help you feel happy internally.
    1. Recommended reading: Time management – the fool-proof system for taking control of your schedule and life.

    Step 3: Develop an exercise routine

    Do you wake up with no energy and feeling tired? Together we will work on developing an exercise routine to boost your energy levels which will help reduce stress and inflammation throughout the body.

    You’ll learn

    1. Simple exercises which you can fit in your schedule if you are superbusy.
    1. Why regular exercise is important when you suffer from chronic stress and autoimmune disorder.
    2. How regular exercise can improve your mental health.

    Bonuses: you will receive

    1. Book – The Joy of Movement: How exercise helps us find happiness, hope,connection and courage.

    Step 4: Destress and balance your life

    How to manage your stress when you experience disappointment, stress, trauma or tragedy so that you feel calmer, clearer and stronger. Together we will work to manage your stress by simple strategies and tools that help to balance your life, making you feel peaceful and happier.

    You’ll learn

    1. My 3 simple meditation routines which you can do anytime and anywhere that empowers you at the time of stress.
    1. How to use constructive communication with others helping you to build healthy relationships.
    2. Simple tools to convert your stress immediately into peace

    Bonuses: you will receive

    1 The 3 Simple Meditation Guide Blueprint

    1. Stress Management Tools and tips Guide
    2. Book– Real happiness by Sharon Salzberg

    Step 5: Food/supplements that fuels the immune system

    Have you tried different diets, joined health centers like slimming world or gyms, read health related books but still struggle to loose weight and are confused about healthy eating. Together we will work on making healthy eating habits which transform your life and heal your body.

    You’ll learn

    1. My Simple success guide on how to make healthy eating a habit so that you lose weight and improve your health with no extra effort.
    2. How to control autoimmune symptoms by anti- inflammatory diet.
    3. What foods and recipes nourish your body and makes you healthy.

    Bonuses – You’ll receive

    Anti-inflammatory Diet Meal Plans Guide: 4 week Meal Plans to Heal theImmune System

    Foods that fight inflammation and Heal immune System Cheatsheet: So you know what to eat every week.

    Recommended reading: The Immune System Recovery Plan: A Doctor's 4-Step Program to Treat

    Autoimmune Disease by Susan Blum, M.D., M.P.H

    Step 6: Heal your Gut and Reduce Sugar Cravings

    Do you wish to eat healthy and lose weight but whenever you get stressed, you reach out to eat something sweet that contribute to an overgrowth of ‘bad bacteria’ in the gut. Together we will work to find the cause of your sugar cravings and how to stop it so that you improve your gut health.

    You’ll learn

    1. How to reduce sugar cravings in 3 days
    2. 20 food for good Gut Health so that you heal and keep your gut happy
    3. Why good gut health is important for good mental health.

    Bonuses: You’ll receive

    1.10 Healthy Sweet Snack recipes to Satisfy Your Sugar Cravings

    1.11 Food Guide: For Good Gut Health

    Step 7: Detox your body from toxic environment

    Do you know that even the most health – conscious people are exposed to harmful chemicals from plastics, cosmetics, cleansers, pesticides soaked food, polluted air, water and many more. These chemicals trigger autoimmune disorder and affect our body.

    Together we will work to cleanse your body and eliminate toxins from your environment so that your body can heal and help to prevent disease.

    You’ll learn

    1. How to improve air quality and remove toxins from your environment.
    2. Top 20 toxins to avoid so that your health will improve naturally.
    3. Which foods are important to buy organic so that you can protect your body and prevent autoimmune disorder.
    4. How to read food labels and avoid toxins in your diet.
    5. Clean water guide so you can avoid harmful chemicals in water.

    Bonuses: you’ll receive

    1. How To Detox Your Body Naturally Blueprint
    2. Read Labels Guide : Top 20 Toxins To Avoid Cheatsheet

    Step 8: Discover a Purpose in your Life

    Do you feel stressed when people hurt or criticise you to the point that you want to disconnect with others and shut down. When we are less fulfilled from inside it’s easy to feel that way.

    Together we will help you find your passion and a purpose in life which will make you feel fulfilled and content.

    You’ll learn

    1. 20 questions that will help you to find your passion and purpose.
    2. How life’s purpose makes you better person and increases your confidence.
    3. How to become a compassionate person and remove emotions of fear, guilt or feeling ashamed so that you become truly happy.

    Bonuses, you’ll receive

    1. Quessionaire on finding your purpose
    2. Recommended Reading – Coming Alive: 4 Tools to Defeat Your InnerEnemy, Ignite Creative Expression & Unleash Your Soul’s Potential by Barry Michels and Phil Stutz

    This Program Includes


    10 interactive coaching sessions with additional 30 mins session free after completing the program.


     1-2 week gap between each session


     Unlimited email/ message/ phone support between 9 to 4pm BST time


    Checklist/ resources for each topic


    20% discounts on Professional grade supplements


    Discounted advanced Functional lab tests