Autoimmune Diseases

Your immune system defends your body against attack from viruses, harmful bacteria, pathogens, or diseases that you come in contact with.

But when your immune system gets compromised or out of balance then a confused immune system not only allows viruses, bacteria and other invaders to survive in your body but also starts attacking your own’ healthy cells.

That leads to chronic autoimmune conditions. There are 100+ known autoimmune disease types which affect millions of people worldwide and it is increasing more and more each year. Some common conditions are:


Thyroid (symptoms include depression, fluctuations in weight, difficulty sleeping, and anxiety)


Celiac Disease (symptoms include digestive problems, rashes, and the sudden loss of control of your body’s movements)


Rheumatoid Arthritis (symptoms include pain in joints)


IBS (Diarrhoea/constipation, acid reflux and bloating)

How does your immune system get compromised and imbalanced?

There are 3 main reasons :

Gut Dysbiosis:

If you have gut dysbiosis i.e not having enough beneficial bacteria. Around 80-85% immune cells live in our gut and when you have more beneficial bacteria then you have more healthy immune cells such as lymphocytes which helps in destroying invading viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites.

Leaky Gut:

If you have a damaged gut wall or leaky gut. Studies found that people with damaged gut wall has fewer immune cells and that allow all invaders, toxins to enter into your system and activate immune system to attack even healthy cells.

Nutritional Deficiency:

If you have a nutritional deficiency of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, fats etc. Your immune system needs nourishment but if you have a poor diet and have deficiency then it leads to a poor immune system.

Standard treatment approaches are immunosuppressive, steroid, pain killer, steroids and other biologic therapies. While medication is effective and is good for the short term in suppressing symptoms but it can be expensive and have serious side effects.
At Heal Minds Functional Medicine & Wellness clinic, we first find out triggers of your autoimmune condition through comprehensive assessment, questionnaires and advanced functional lab tests and then map out effective treatment plans that we can execute together with plenty of support and guidance.

At Heal Minds, we follow 5 steps to heal autoimmune condition naturally

Gut health restoration

Step 1 - Mindset Coaching and Time management

In this step we will discover what are your limiting beliefs and what do you want to achieve most? We will bring clarity in your life, work on time management and create your schedule that serves best so that you are able to work on your health and heal your symptoms for the long term.

Gut health restoration

Step 2 – Gut health restoration

Gut is the root of our health. By restoring your gut, we are best able to repair your immune system. It involves functional testing, nutrition plan and supplements.

Detoxification program

Step 3 – Detoxification program

Detoxification is an important part if your body is storing more chemicals, toxins, heavy metals due to damaged gut and weak detox system. It involves lifestyle changes, detox food plan and advanced supplements to help detoxification which can relieve symptoms.

Gut health restoration

Step 4 – Stress management & balancing whole wellness

We will discover what causes you stress and what is the root cause. We will look at wellness wheel 360 of your life and find out what needs the most attention. It could be career, finance, relationships, self care, sleep issues etc. Stress can disturb hormone production and lead to health conditions.

Detoxification program

Step 5 – Hormones balance

Damaged gut and imbalance of the immune system cause hormonal insufficiency and imbalance that contribute to the onset of autoimmune diseases which can furthermore imbalance your hormones and could cause more disease. So it requires functional testing and treatment to support your hormones to improve your condition.

If you have been experiencing symptoms that may be connected with autoimmune diseases and are looking for answers, schedule an appointment with Heal Minds Functional medicine & Wellness clinic and book free Consultation today!