Detoxification and Weight Loss

Discovering the optimal detoxification method for your body is not just good for your health but also a road towards sustainable weight loss.

Obesity, stubborn weight gain is associated with the increased toxicity of the body.


If it’s naturally-occurring toxins, your body can take steps to keep itself clean. But If it’s man-made chemicals, there are far fewer processes in place to protect against them.


Long term storing of toxins in the body can also lead to a number of serious illnesses that affect hormone imbalance, digestion, joint health, and mental health.


As these chemicals continue to exist inside your body, they can cause fatigue, headaches, weight gain and more.


Oftentimes, people dealing with these ailments will turn to medications for a solution. However, this just introduces more toxins to the body and can make the ailments even worse.

At Heal Minds Functional medicine clinic, we offer a number of advanced treatment and laboratory testing methods to identify optimal detoxification options for our patients.

By identifying lifestyle and nutrition history for each of our patients, our team will work to alleviate toxicity in a safe and effective manner.

Our goal is for patients to cleanse their body of dangerous toxins and promote healthy diet and lifestyle methods

By Detoxification process, you will get these results :

Slow down aging process

Improve skin tone

Weight loss

Less prone to get serious health conditions

Improve overall health

If you have tried everything and you are still struggling to lose weight then schedule an appointment with Heal Minds Functional medicine & Wellness clinic and book free Consultation today!