How Stress can affect your health and create Autoimmune condition

by | Jan 18, 2022

Stress plays a huge role in our modern lives whether it’s related to work, relationships or daily routines.

On a low level it can affect our food, sleep, productivity or even exercise

Short term of stress can be motivating for us and help us to make a change and grow

But long term stress can damage our immunity, cause chronic inflammation and trigger autoimmune diseases

When stress is for long time caused due to trauma it can harm us as these ways

  • It can release high amounts of cortisol, norepinephrine and adrenaline which can trigger hormonal imbalance, adrenal fatigue, chronic inflammation, reduced immunity
  • When stress is constant the body doesn’t know how to tone down these stress hormones and it becomes too much for the body to deal with.
  • High levels of stress hormones shut down digestion function
  • Stress trigger chronic inflammation and autoimmune conditions
  • Immune function doesn’t function well
  • It can increase blood pressure

How to deal stress so it doesn’t affect your body and health

  1. Keep a track of your stress – What caused you stress? Find out if it’s a pattern, habit, work causing or relationship?
  2. Figure out ways of stress relief – certain foods, supplements, herbs, certain hobbies or activities
  3. Work with a coach or therapist who can point out how you can manage stress.
  4. Talk to someone who can help you to relieve stress

If you notice signs of anxiety and depression, mood swings and irritability, increased blood pressure, inflammation, autoimmunity, decreased immunity (frequent illness),digestive discomfort then its the time to consider getting support from health coach, counsellor or any therapist